In the Bonesetter’s Waiting Room: Travels Through Indian Medicine

The Bonesetter's Waiting Room

Aarathi’s new book will be published May 19th, 2016. Excerpts from In the Bonesetter’s Waiting Room can be heard on BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week from May 23rd.

India defies definition, and the story of medicine in India is similarly rich and complex: shaped by unique challenges and opportunities, uniting cutting-edge technological developments with ancient cultural traditions, fuelled by political changes which transformed the lives of millions and moulded by the energy of forceful individuals.

Here, Aarathi Prasad investigates how Indian medicine came to be the way it is. Her travels will take her to bonesetter clinics in Jaipur and Hyderabad and the waiting-rooms of Bollywood’s best plastic surgeons, and introduce her to traditional healers as well as the world-beating heart surgeon who is revolutionising treatment of the poor around the globe. From the asthma treatment ‘cure’ that involves swallowing a live fish, to ground-breaking mental health initiatives in Mumbai’s Dharavi mega-slum and ground-breaking neuroscience happening inside the Mughal walls of old Delhi, In the Bonesetter’s Waiting Room tells the story of the Indian people, in sickness and in health, and provides a unique perspective on the most diverse and fascinating country in the world.

In the Bonesetter’s Waiting Room will accompany a programme of Wellcome Collection exhibitions and activity exploring India’s rich plurality of cultures of medicine, healing and well-being in Indian cities in 2016.

Layers exhibition at the South Bank Centre: March 2016

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Aarathi is currently featured in the LAYERS EXHIBITION at the South Bank Centre.


A Photographic Celebration of Women and Nature

Members Area at Royal Festival Hall

Women aged 19 to 90 from diverse backgrounds were photographed in front of an evolving flower wall during a three week period. Layers of freshly picked British flowers were added to the wallas the project progressed. The added layers represent the growth and depth of wisdom women gain as life progresses.

‘This project explores time passing, new growth and how our relationship with nature changes as we grow older.’ – co-curator Simon Tarrant 

A collaboration between photographer àsìkò, floral designer Jo Wise and makeup artist Jade Soar, Layers features a diverse group of women including a scientist, a Team GB gold medal winner, a journalist, a musician, a videographer and a Councilor for City and Guilds.

‘I am fascinated by the ephemeral qualities of flowers and how their fleeting beauty makes way for re-growth.’ – Wise

‘Layers is an exploration into the evolution of womanhood and how change is all part of the process’ – àsìkò

‘The common thread that runs through all of the women is their belief in their path and their pride in who they are and what they do.’ – Soar

Photographer: àsìkò
Floral Designer: Jo Wise
Make-Artist :Jade Soar

New Scientist Live: September 2016

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Aarathi will be speaking at New Scientist Live, at ExCel London.

‘New Scientist is creating one of Europe’s largest festivals dedicated to celebrating science and technology, showcasing the role they play in improving lives, shaping society and driving economic growth.

Join a host of the world’s leading names in science, technology, engineering and maths for talks and live demonstrations. Explore four zones embracing key themes of: the Universe, our Planet, Brain and Body, and Technology and Engineering. Engage with the latest innovative products and technologies.’

For more information please see the Festival webpage.

Arvon Popular Science Writing Course – September 2016

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Aarathi will be tutoring on Arvon’s Non-fiction science writing course: ‘How to craft engaging literature from scientific research’ at the Hurst this September.

‘On this course you will explore ways to engage readers with science, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop a book idea into a draft proposal. You will plan a book, creating chapter outlines and openings, and sample passages of writing that demonstrate your unique voice. You will also spend time dissecting the techniques of successful science writers in order to learn the most useful tricks in the business.’


For more information or to take part please go to the Arvon website.